Manage Vendors        We collect all necessary forms required by the venue and create a day-of-plan together.    


Vendor Communication        One month prior, we update vendors with your final guest and setup & breakdown information.


Timeline Creation        Let’s strategize your timeline to keep your event organized from start to finish.


Venue Layout            Rental companies will require a venue layout. We also feel it helps you visualize your event!




Foot-Traffic Plan        We create a path for your guest to follow when switching locations.


Waste Plan            A waste plan is essential. Waste must be booked through your catering, venue, or our team.


Weather Plan            Rain, heat, or chilly wind. Our goal is to review the weather and make any backup plans.


Wedding Rehearsal        We practice for 1.5 hours on your wedding processional, recessional, and first dance.




Vendor Management        We act as your point- of- contact for all vendors and volunteers.


Set Up                5.5 Hours of Set Up: Gift/Guest Table, Programs, Head Table, Dessert Table Decor, approved

personal items.


Event Coordination        5 Hours of Event Coordination: 1 lead coordinator and recommended amount of assistants.    


Breakdown            1.5 Hour of Breakdown


Emergency Kits            $10 Upgrade Bride + Groom Emergency Kits